About Us

Bolvens LLC is proud to be one of your best fitness, health and dieting blog websites. We are happy that you, our visitor, found us! Even though we only recently started a year ago, we have gotten a lot of traction for our startup company. This website serves as a magazine for us to provide you with relevant information about dieting, fitness, health and wellness.


We created this company because we thought that it would be the best way to get our ideas out ahead of us. We are a humble team of personal fitness trainers who have been in the market for over decades, and we have tons of experience in our belt collectively together. We believe that in order to combat the problems that the world is facing such as obesity and heart disease, a proper diet, fitness regime and self care is needed to take care of yourself. Many of us do very tough desk jobs and as a result are bound to our tables almost 6 days a week.


We hope that from reading what you see in this blog here, you will learn more about how to become healthy and be fit and strong and ready for the day.