Foods to Avoid: Muscle Gain

Training alone is not enough: In order to build muscles, the nutrition must also be right. These 6 foods do not belong on your nutrition plan when building muscle.

No matter how disciplined you train: If your diet is not right, you will not gain muscle mass. The key to optimal and targeted muscle building is a protein-rich diet, because protein serves the body as the starting material for building new muscle fibers. In addition, healthy fats and complex carbs should land on your plate every day.

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Sounds easy, but you could try this out.There are a lot of traps lurking in the supermarket, which will quickly put your six-pack to the test: Because just as you support muscle building with the right nutrition, there are foods that can literally prevent growth. The reason: They supply neither high-quality protein, nor vitamins, minerals & Co., which the musculature also needs to grow. Therefore, you should absolutely delete these 6 foods from your diet, as they are absolute no-go’s for muscle building:

1. Foods you should avoid: Light products

Light or diet drinks seem quite attractive at first glance: no sugar, no calories, super! Additives are needed to ensure that sugar-free drinks do not lose any of their taste. This is how countless flavours and alternative sweeteners end up in the drinks. The sweet taste signals to your body: “Energy is coming.” Since sweeteners have no calories, however, the energy kick is off. Your blood sugar level is first pushed up and then plummets. The result: ravenous appetite, through which you consume many additional calories. In the long run, you will gain weight and your muscles will remain hidden under the fat that sets in.

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Especially after training these empty calories are fatal, because your body lacks real energy suppliers, like carbohydrates. By the way, you should also keep your hands off light foods. They are usually “low-fat”, which actually sounds quite good. In order to compensate for loss of taste, part of the fat (fat is a flavour carrier, which is why fatty things taste so delicious) is replaced by sugar, flavours and additives that do not add any value to your muscles.

2. Finished products do not belong to the muscle growth phase

If your muscles are close to your heart, you should not resort to finished products. The “taste” is usually provided by flavour enhancers and aroma. Unhealthy fats, sugar and far too much salt provide plenty of excess calories. All calories without added value. Often the vegetables in such finished products also contain hardly any vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Exception: pure frozen vegetables without additives. That is just as good as fresh vegetables.

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As a rule, finished products are lacking proteins, healthy fat sources and good energy suppliers for muscle building. And without them the muscles cannot grow. That’s why you should cook yourself if you want to build muscles. So you always keep control over what is really in your food and can track your macros better. In addition, there are many recipes that are freshly prepared at least as quickly, taste better and provide your muscles with all the important nutrients.

3. Alcohol should not be drunk when building muscles

Always the same lyre, sorry, but the fact that alcohol is a real no-go in muscle building is not to be shaken. First of all, beer, wine and the like deliver lots of calories. For muscle building, however, the effect in the body is also interesting. Large quantities of the addictive substance lower the testosterone level. The hormone plays an important role in muscle-building processes. This can even inhibit growth. But an exuberant pub evening has even more consequences. Alcohol draws water from your body. Result: Important nutrients needed for growth do not arrive in the muscles. In addition, your body needs not only time, but above all energy to regenerate from it and that is then missing for muscle building.

4. Isotonic drinks are not necessary for the muscle growth

Isotonic drinks are often marketed as sports drinks. However, they are not suitable for all athletes, because those who primarily want to build muscles and do strength training definitely do not need iso-drinks. The special thing about isotonic drinks is their high mineral content. Who sweats a lot, loses not only liquid, but also important micro nutrients, with which the body must be supplied. Sugar is used as a fast source of energy. This is a good combination for endurance athletes, but it is not suitable for muscle building. During the strength training water is absolutely sufficient. Save your money and leave isotonic drinks to the side. After your workout, it is better to use protein shake, which is the better choice for strength athletes and provides the purest protein for muscle building and regeneration.

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5. Chocolate bars don’t belong on your meal plan

Unfortunately, not only your beloved chocolate bar falls under this point, but in general everything that is sweet. It doesn’t help if you have a few healthy nuts in it. The explanation is simple: chocolate bars and other sweets contain a lot of sugar and fat. So a chocolate bar supplies only empty energy, many calories and no nutrients. In other words: no added value for your muscles. Sweets also trigger an up and down of the blood sugar level in your body. The result is fatigue and subsequent cravings. A sweet alternative is fruit. Although it also contains sugar in the form of fructose, it also contains many vitamins. In combination with protein-rich dairy products such as cottage cheese or low-sugar quark, low-sugar fruit is the perfect muscle snack before and after training.

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